You agree and understand, you may browse the website without providing any personal information to Baozun. However, if you request receipt of certain notifications and updates, we may collect personally identifiable information, or "PII," which you voluntarily give Baozun, including your name, telephone number, email address, postal address, and any other information which would allow someone to personally identify you. Certain non-personally identifiable information, or non-PII, which does not identify you, may be also collected when you use this website, including the type of the Internet browser and operating system you use, other navigational clickstream data, etc.

In order to ensure that the website is available to all users, we adopt industry standard technologies to safeguard the security of our controlled information as well as a variety of security technologies to prevent your personal information from unauthorized access by external and internal users.

Please understand that any comments, suggestions and other information sent to Baozun through the website will not be treated as confidential information and will be owned by Baozun. Baozun is entitled to use such information for the purpose it chooses without paying any remuneration.

Baozun may collect, retain and share your personal information for any of the following purpose:

To meet the necessary requirement for the protection of personal and property security and other lawful rights of clients, other users and employees of Baozun.

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